BEAUTY : How to clean your Beauty Blender.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

If you haven’t bought a Beauty Blender to use with your foundation yet, why not? That little pink sponge is the answer to the perfect base application in my opinion! Yes it may seem a little ridiculous to spend £16 on a sponge, however it does the job and blends your foundation into your skin like a dream. The once downside to using a beauty blender to apply your foundation/concealer is that it gets dirty rather quickly, therefore it looks a bit grubby sitting in on your dressing table.

I’ve tried many different soaps and cleansers to clean the little pink teardrop, however there is one soap that has come up on top and that is the Dr Bronner Liquid Soap. I bought mine in TKMaxx, however you can purchase it from Feel Unique for the same price I paid which is £8.99. However you can purchase orther size bottles depending on how much you want to pay. It comes in a variety of different scents (I have unscented!) so you’re bound to find one that you find most pleasing.  I also use this soap for my makeup brushes, so worth checking out if you only have brushes to clean too! 

It’s very easy to clean the beauty blender, you just need to follow these instructions;

1.       Soak your beauty blender under the tap, squeezing it as the warm water runs over it (as you would to dampen it before blending)
2.       Take the Dr Bonners Liquid Soap and apply it evenly all over the beauty blender.
3.       Using the same Squeezing technique as you would to dampen. Ensure that the soap is massaged into the sponge thoroughly to ensure all bits of foundation/concealer will be removed.
4.       Add a little bit of water to the Beauty Blender to create a lather.
5.       Continue to massage/squeeze the blender to attack all that stubborn makeup!
6.       Finally run under the warm tap again to remove all the soap, continuing to squeeze the sponge until all makeup has been removed.
7.       Put on the side on top of a towel to dry.

It’s a really easy process and does not take long at all. As you can see above, my beauty blenders are back to their bright selves! To avoid a huge build up of makeup, I try to wash my beauty blender every couple of days. I’ve learnt from leaving the cleaning of makeup brushes in the past that if you do it on a regular basis it makes it A LOT easier to get them cleaner!

If you don't have a beauty blender and want to get one, then you can get one from here. The smaller are actually by W7 makeup, and I purchased them from Peacocks.

You can purchase the Dr Bronner soap here.

What do you use to clean your Beauty Blender/Makeup brushes?

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