BEAUTY : How to deal with Holiday Hair.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Yay, you’re on holiday. You’ve arrived safely, your luggage made it. You’ve had a few cocktails, sunbathed, taken a dip in the pool, everything is great... oh wait what’s that – Your hair is having a moment, it’s going crazy? Monica Gellar frizz? It feels dry? Its gone green?!  Keeping your hair in good condition while on holiday should be as much as a priority as your skin. No need to worry, there are many products out there to help you out.

Make sure to take a leave in conditioner with you. I like to have mine with me poolside too. When I’ve had a dip in the pool (or sea if I’m at the beach) I like to brush through my hair with my trustee tangle teezer Aqua* and spritz some product in. The one I like to use is by Phyto. Their after sunrecovery Spray. Firstly it smells amazing. Secondly it’s a really good product to use throughout the day, as it doesn’t leave my hair feeling heavy or sticky. It works to detangle my hair and continue to protect it while out in the sun. I’ve sometimes use this after showering in the evening as a additional treat for my hair.

Another conditioning product I like to use is the Aussie 3 minutemiracle treatment. Aussie have now brought out one specifically for holiday hair! – Woo! Whack this on after your usual shampoo and conditioning routine. Leave for about 5 mins max, then rinse. Your hair will thank you. It will look shiny and feel so soft. You’d never know you’d spent the day on the beach with messy salty beach hair all day.

To keep frizz at bay I use a little bit of Morrocan oil on my hair to smooth any flyaways. When I say a little bit, I really mean the smallest amount! Alternatives would be a serum. I have one in the depth of my haircare drawers by KMS which I may end up taking with me too. No one wants Monica Gellar hair on holiday!

A very inexpensive way of making sure you keep your hair nice and nourished while on holiday  would be to have a tub of coconut oil with you. My Tub is from Superdrug and costs less than £3 Now I would say this is something you could do if you know for  a fact your hair is going to be battling with the elements. It’s not a necessary step  that you HAVE to do, but one I thought worth mentioning. You probably do overnight coconut oil treatments at home, so why not do one while away. Slather your hair with the coconut oil, put it in a bun/plaits (whatever takes your fancy) sleep on it and rinse out the following morning.

When it comes to hair styles, the go to easy ones would be topknot for around the pool or plaits (various kind – oh how I wish I could do a dutch braid) and au natural (With the help of some products) for the evenings. Using tools like curlers/straighteners in the heat are just annoying. On holiday is the time for scrunching up and creating natural waves with the help of a salt spray ( I like to use Bumble & Bumble surf spray), or experimenting with different techniques to create a unique updo. You’re on holiday, have fun!  

How do you tame your hair when away on holiday?

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