BEAUTY: Nail polishes to show off a tan.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

I think you can all agree with me that when you have a tan, you will dress in a certain way to show it off. No I don't mean rocking up in the office after your trip in a tiny co-ord with lots of flesh on display. I mean, we focus more on wearing colours that will accentuate our tans after a week/2 weeks in the sun. The main culprit being white, I always like to save a white outfit for the end of our holiday if my tan isn't as epic as I like, the white dress will help! haha. Or I'll opt for some nice white blouses while back in the office. It's sad but I don't want to return home from a trip abroad and get the whole 'you arent very tanned, did you even go away' comments. Of course I practice safe sunbathing (Have a look at this post to see what sun protection I am taking with me away) but I like to focus on little things here and there which will help make me look super tanned. One of the most simple ways of doing this is to paint your nails coloours which compliment a tan. 

Now I know there are a few brands on the market that actually promote some of their shades as polishes for tans. Models own do this, and you can shop their range here. But I'm not in the market to go and buy some new nail polishes as I have enough in my collection already. So after rummaging through my stash, I've come across 3 different shades from Essie, which will probably be on rotation during and when I am back from my break. 

Essie, Bikini so Teeny was a blogger favourite a few years ago, and rightly so! This shade is a lovely light cornflower blue with a subtle shimmer to it. I've worn this quite a lot in the past, and always had compliments on it! It's one that can work all year around but works especially well with a bit of a tan to your skin.

Essie, Fiji was another blogger favourite. This is a shade I repurchase a lot because it's so dammn nice. Its a creamy pastel pink, that isn't too white so that people ask why you've gone back to tipexing your nails. (Who else did that at school?) Because it is so light it is perfect to paint your nails on holiday, as your tan develops fiji will be sure to show it off. 

Essie, Cute as a button. Now of course when going away (or returning) from a holiday you need to have a few brights on you nails and this shade ticks the boxes. It's a beautiful coral shade that's just bright enough to wow you but not too florescent. This one may be my go to shade for while I am away. 

I find that Essie polishes apply really well and only require a couple of coats for a lovely opaque finish. Sometimes I will use Seche Vite as a topcoat as it dries ridiculously fast, however recently i've been using the CND Vinylux Weekly top coat which has done wonders at keeping my nails chip free for about 6 days - not a complete week but better than other top coats I've tried in the past! I'd recommend it! 

What shade polishes do you like to wear when you have a tan? 

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