FASHION: A/W 2016 Payday Wishlist

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Oh hello, long time no speak. So it appears I decided to take a bit of a laid back approach to blogging and when I say laid back, I mean not blog at all! Usual excuse, life gets in the way bla bla bla. Basically, I've come to the realisation that I do not blog as a job, it is a hobby. Therefore if I want to be sporadic in posting then I will! The world will not end if I don't post on the regular! Anyway I digress... I wanted to come back at you all with a bit of a payday A/W wishlist post thing. In my time away I've gone from being one of those girls that doesnt like to shop much, to the girl working out if Beans on toast is an okay meal to have daily for the rest of the month because I've spent too much... . So without further ado, here are some of my A/W picks. 

I love the colder months for layering, so that's where my head is at right now when it comes to shopping! Think pretty tea dresses with ankle boots and fab jackets. Snuggly jumpers and building on those basics, all the comfortable trainers and cosy scarves! I am thinking about the upcoming months too, I really want to get the Parka jacket for our trip to Amsterdam in November along with the leopard trainers. A purrrfect (ha did I really just do that) addition for the girl that lives in black clothing! I'm also trying to plan ahead and think of Christmas and (dare I say it) NYE. I don't think it's ever too early to be looking for a party dress, the season is approaching guys! We need to be prepared! Even if you are just going out for a meal with work/friends, its nice to have something a little more special to wear! 

What have you been buying this season? Chances are once I've finished this post I'll probably be making an online order for a couple of the above bits!

Much love, 

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