Hello! As the blog name suggests, I am Leanne! I'm a twenty something Berkshire based blogger, with a mild obsession with pizza.

I started this blog way back in September 2010, so I've been doing this for nearly 7 years! I had been an avid blog reader for about a year before deciding to leap in with both feet and give it a go myself!

Here you'll find a variety of content. From my latest beauty obsessions and recommendations to clothes and accessories I've treated myself to that I want to share and enable you to buy.. ;-) There may be the odd occasion that I take an enjoyable or interesting trip somewhere and want to share the experience with you all too. As a little bonus, in the past year or so I've rediscovered my love for reading. If I find myself finishing a book that I think others would enjoy, expect to see it featured in some form of post on the blog!

This blog is a mix of everything I love. So have a browse, hopefully you'll find some posts to enjoy!